Weight Biology Kit

Understand your biochemical makeup.

The first step to knowing how to improve your metabolism is to understand the root cause of your extra weight. We help you get the right lab tests and provide you with a custom report on the findings.

How It Works


Request a test.

We’ll send you an online health assessment to get background on your health history.


Receive your Lab Kit.

From the comfort of your own home, follow the kit instructions and pop your sample in the mail.


Review your profile.

We’ll send results, educational resources, and a guide to discuss treatment with your doctor.

Get Your Metabolic Profile.

Our medical experts will analyze your lab results and create your custom profile. You’ll learn more about any conditions we may have identified and get detailed recommendations on how you can take actionable steps toward better health.

Your report may include:


A list of nutrient deficiencies


Description of health conditions


Links to vetted, educational resources


Explanation of the science behind your condition


Next steps for treatment with a doctor in your area


Recommendations for other screening tools