Why I Chose Weight-Loss Medicine

Hi, I’m Dr. Alexandra Sowa. Welcome! I’m so happy you’ve found me in this little corner of the internet.

I’m a dual-board certified internist and obesity medicine specialist and founder of SoWell Health, a weight loss and metabolic wellness practice.

I come from a family who has struggled with excess weight, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. My grandmothers would regularly swap low-calorie, low-fat recipes over Sunday dinner and I’d listen with intense curiosity as they taught me about “good” and “bad” foods, as dictated by their weight-loss support groups. Sometimes they’d celebrate dropping a dress size or two, but inevitably, the scale would go back up, and the associated diseases followed. And while weight loss and dieting were always on their minds, there never seemed to be an actual solution to their burden.

I entered medicine to heal patients, but as a resident in internal medicine, I discovered that my family’s struggles were not unique. It also became clear to me that much of medicine today is treating the disease instead of treating the underlying cause.

I started looking for ways to help my patients reverse and prevent disease and that’s how I found the small, but mighty fields of obesity and preventive medicine.

After training under some of the top experts in the country, learning about nutritional approaches to health like intermittent fasting and nutritional ketosis, honing my expertise and refining my own method, I found immense joy in helping people lose weight, stabilize their blood sugars, reduce – or even eliminate – medications, and regain control of their health.

I opened SoWell Health to make life better and healthier for my patients. To help them prevent and reverse disease, to quiet the chaos that can come with a lifetime of dieting or a new medical diagnosis, and to provide evidence-based solutions to achieve optimal health. There is nothing better than to hear a patient say “I’ve had lots of doctors tell me to lose weight, but you are the only one who has actually helped me do it.”

Whether you are looking to slow aging through intermittent fasting or learn about the “best” diet for you, please follow along as I discuss the art and science of weight loss and metabolic medicine.

I truly look forward to getting to know you, answering your questions and supporting you in your health journey.

In Good Health,

Alexandra Sowa, MD, MA